Is owning a portable sawmill profitable?

Yes, you can make a living and provide for a family doing it the way I did in better times. There are a lot of different ways to make money with a portable saw mill. In addition to making money, don't forget that “a penny saved is a penny earned.” With a portable milling machine, you can mill on site for customers, charging a fee, usually by the hour or based on the images in the table. With the mill, you can store standard-sized piles of wood for many customer rough cutting needs. Customers can bring you logs for sawing or give you lists of cut parts for sawing.

If you're looking to dedicate yourself to custom woodworking, a belt milling machine is practically a necessity for odd-sized board requirements. These are just a few of the ways a portable band tape can allow you to have your own business. The freedom to be the boss with a portable saw mill. Portable sawing doesn't require being able to saw 1500 feet per hour; normal work needs to be done in a single trip.

Buying logs to make wood to sell on the market at low volume is not all it seems, and in small production scenarios, larger factories know that the cost of producing portable mills is lower in many cases. The MP-32 portable sawmill is an excellent sawmill for beginners to make sure wood sawing is what you want to do. My advice would be to buy the factory only if you can afford to sit around or possibly lose money while you own the factory and try to build the business. One way to custom saw would be to work with larger sawmills, where you could saw things they don't want to saw, when you don't have your own sawing jobs.

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