Is it worth buying a portable sawmill?

A portable sawmill is an easy way to use wood scraps from your property that would otherwise decay and turn them into usable wood. In addition, loggers tend to leave everything they can't sell directly to commercial milling operations. I'll say this: if you can overcome all of that, there are niche markets where it's quite possible that you'll do well. Finding homeowners who want to saw wood for their farms can be rewarding.

Buying logs to make wood to sell on the market in low volumes is not all it seems, and in small production scenarios, larger factories know that the cost of production in portable mills is lower in many cases. They may not want to pay market prices, even though you paid a fair market price for the logs. A portable saw mill is a chain that attaches to a log, allowing you to make straight cuts with the chainsaw. Portable sawmills are increasingly popular among people who own their own timber land and want to manufacture their own wood products for personal use or as a source of income.

There are many portable sawmills on the market, but growing demand has extended wait times to a year or more for some of the most popular models. They are your best source of objective and honest information about the performance you can expect from a brand and model of a particular brand's portable sawmill.

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